Three Felt Animal Heads

Three Felt Animal Heads


THREE animal heads: tiger, cheetah and rhino animal wall mount included in this safari animal package.

These are super cute and fun for a child’s bedroom wall.
They have all been designed and made by myself in my studio in Barry in South Wales.

From the back of his head to the tip of his nose he measures 21 cm and 19 cm tall. Across the top of his head he measures 16 cm. Colin's nose measures 4 cm wide. His ears measure 6 cm high.

The side of his face measures 20 cm wide and 19 cm high. Tyrone's nose measures 6 cm wide. His ears measure 7 cm high.

She has two white horns, the larger horn measures 10 cm high and the smaller horn measures 6 cm high.
From the back of her head to the tip of her nose she measures 25 cm and the biggest part of her head measures 16 cm tall. Across the top of her head she measures 14 cm. Her ears measure 9 cm tall.

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