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House warming gift ideas

We all have that friend or family member who has just moved into a new home wether it be rented or bought and it’s always lush to get them a little moving in gift.

Since being in my thirties I’ve always loved a good tea towel and mug haha! Honestly I do have a selection of fav mugs that make my morning coffee, I even love the process of making it in a special mug. You can bring the nature inside with these mugs

They hold a great amount of tea and coffee and look super cute on display too. Win, win!

Another thing that we have a lot of in our kitchen is colourful tea towels but you know what’s even better......these have a multi purpose. They can also be used as re-useable gift wrap instead of a tea towel.

Look how lush they look as re-usable gift wrap too.

I hope I’ve inspired you with some house warming gift ideas.

Becci x


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