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How to get FREE indoor plants. Yay!!


When we first bought our own home over 4 years ago I didn’t own any house plants. Fast forward to 2021 I now am the proud owner of over 70 succulents, cacti and indoor plants.

It all started when my friend kindly gave me some clippings of some of her plants. I became so fascinated every time a new leaf formed and they really made our home look happy.

I then went to our local garden centre and bought some succulents and cacti and the odd house plant.

Another way to get free plant cuttings:

Other than swapping plant cuttings with people that you know, you can also use this amazing group to swap cuttings and seeds. The group is UK based so please bear that in mind.


Since then I’ve discovered some other small businesses that are based in Barry but they also deliver, yay!!

Dan at the Happy plant company made brought plant happiness a few times last year during lock down. Having house plants arrive at your front door is magical.

If your local there’s also a lush new plant shop in Barry which is called wild botanic and my personal fav for gorgeous, happy flowers is Wild meadow flowers who has supplied my family, friends and myself with gorgeous flowers.

Fav plants to keep alive and propagate:

It has to be my monstera plant and my monkey mask plant. They seem to grow very quickly and don’t seem to be much maintenance and I’ve propargated both of them.

Here’s a great video that I used to show you how to grow your plant collection.

Look at the roots on this guy!

How many house plants do you have? what’s your fav? Comment below.

Big love,


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