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Morning mugs

My mug obsession is growing and growing. Hahaha!

It’s funny the habits that you get into when you get into your thirties. Since I bought us a lock down coffee machine last year I can’t help but buy loads of lovely mugs. Having a lush mug to drink my coffee out of honestly makes my morning.

I have a selection of handmade ceramic mugs from small indie businesses who I follow on instagram. It such a great way to find other businesses. As I often look at ceramics on social media now, mug images constantly pop up on my feed, haha!!

I’ve already signed up to two ceramicists mailing lists so that I don’t miss their next collection drop.

Here are some of the beauties that I own:

This speckled beauty is from Smith and wares

This wavy mug in one of my fav colours is from Harriet Cheal Ceramics

This tiny mug which is perfect for small cups of tea is from my buddy Sarah Glazier ceramics.

Sooooo, as I love buying mugs so much I‘ve decided to design my own and they feature a particular favourite of mine.... Plants/leaves.

These will be available very soon....sign up to my newsletter to find out when.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Remember, it’s all about the small things that set you off in the right mood to having a good day....mine is having a good mug.

Bec x

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