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My (our choice) to be childfree.

CHILDFREE, this is still a topic that’s not talked about enough! At the beginning of 2019 I said by the Summer I would be closing in rainbows (my online shop). I was in such a bad place and I never want to go into that dark place again. I hadn't dealt with a child hood trauma and my world was falling apart. I didn't want to be here. 😢 I'd say 30% of that was down to feeling like such an outsider because of my (our) choice not to have children. I know that I don't have to openly admit this but I feel like it comes hand in hand with my business. My brand had become so child orientated that it had really effected my mental health. I couldn’t relate to a lot of baby things and lost interest in in rainbows. I couldn’t relate to all the baby content that I’d been following online to boost my business and scrolling through social media left me uninspired.

I still find this topic quite hard to talk about and I get frustrated that people don't understand why we don't want kids of our own. I know that we don’t have to explain our choices to anyone and when I wrote this as an Instagram post last year lots of people said this to me. I didn’t plan to speak up about this, it just felt right one day and opening up to my social media followers, family and friends has helped me so much. I even had close friends messaging me saying that they felt the same have we never chatted about this!!!!. I’ve always put the hints out there to friends but nothing really came of it!

I just want everyone to really think about how hurtful it can be when comments such as

‘You’ll change your mind, you’re still young’, ‘who will look after you when you’re older?!’.

It’s been so difficult at times as most of these comments have been during my times working freelance in schools. I’ve never known what to say back without sounding rude as my reputation is always on the line as I’m self employed! I enjoy working with children, I just don’t feel the need for my own. I’m content right now with my husband and my dog Dusty, why would I ruin it?!

I feel like we’ve been brought up in a world where at such a young age we are taught to believe that when you reach a certain age it’ll be time to have children of your own. I’m definitely not selfish, motherhood is a choice! If someone calls you selfish for being childfree ask them why they chose to have usually starts with “I wanted to...”.

I have so much more to give than being a mother. I want to travel the world, work on my business, have lush sleep, being a great partner, auntie, friend, daughter, sister, eat out when I want etc, etc.

New York 2018 And Bali 2019.

Anyway I feel like my spark has come back and I have lots of ideas that are way less labour intensive so in March 2021 in rainbows remains OPEN!!!!!!! Yay!

It involves lots of drawing and learning but I'm okay with that😊

Anyway if anyone else feels this way, I'd love to hear from you. 😘 Just send me an email:

This all got a bit serious, haha, so here’s some funny’s that I’ve saved on Pinterest.

Big love,




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