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RAINBOW revamp

One thing that I love doing is finding treasures in charity shops. I usually go once a week as there’s quite a few next to the post office that I use (where I post all of your parcels).

I found this cabinet for £10. I couldn’t believe it!

If you don’t know already I’m not a fan of dull colours, the more colour the better! So I gave this unit a spruce up using blue paint, from Wilkinson’s if I remember correctly. As this cupboard isn’t constantly in use I was lazy and didn’t sand it down first of prime it haha! I’m very impatient when it comes to DIY projects. I just wanted it to look pretty so I could put nice ornaments and books inside.

So I gave this cabinet a wash down with a damp cloth, painted 3 coats of blue paint then let it dry.

Next up was the inside. I removed the class shelves and cleaned them.

I’ve always loved Eleanor Bowmer’s work and as I didn’t need lots I opted to buy her wrapping paper instead of the wall paper. I pasted the back with PVA glue using a big paintbrush and then carefully placed the the sheets on the back of the cupboard, smoothing out any bumps as I attached the pieces.


At the moment this is in our bedroom but I think it might venture to the hall once the hall is complete.

I hope I’ve inspired you to put a stamp on your own furniture finds.

If you’re looking for a cheaper and unique way to furniture your house always check your local charity shops, Facebook market place and car boot sales.


Big love,

Bec x


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