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Studio life

I always love taking a peak inside someone’s workspace/studio... who doesn’t love being nosey and seeing someone’s house. My studio space is our home. When we started looking to buy a house 4.5 years ago we knew we wanted 3 bedrooms so that I could have a studio at home.

I’ve had so many different workspaces over the years.

  1. My bedroom at my parents house where I was surrounded my murals boards and inhaling the varnish constantly.

  2. a studio in a warehouse that I shared with a friend with no heating and stone floor

  3. an attic room with no windows in a rented house....then to find out we had mice..Eeeekkk!!!

  4. a desk in a spare room which was just about big enough for a desk

So now I’m so grateful for a bright and organised studio. It’s bright yellow and lately I’ve been slowly building up my storage box collection in my fav colours and also new branding colours.

Over the past year we’ve been using gousto for our evening meals. Look at this part of the packaging that our food arrives in. Perfect for storage in my studio! I plan to make them colourful one day with my posca pens (you can see where I started too).

My inspo wall....full of art from other artists, magazine cuttings and some of my artwork to inspire me everyday.

I hope I’ve inspired you to make a creative space no matter how big or small.


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